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Job Title
Job Description

This is the entry grade for the Office Assistant cadre. An officer at this level will work under supervision of a senior officer.

Terms and Conditions of Services

  1. Basic salary:                            Kshs    23,483 – 30,529PM
  2. House Allowance:                     Kshs   4,125 PM
  3. Commuter Allowance:               Kshs  3,000 PM
  4. Leave Allowance:                      Kshs   6,000 PA
  5. Annual Leave:    30 working days per Financial Year
  6. Medical Cover and other allowances: As provided by the ODPC
  7. Terms of Service:                    Permanent and pensionable


Job Specification

Requirements for Appointment

Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (K.C.S.E) mean grade D plain or its approved equivalent.

 Duties and Responsibilities

An Office Assistant at this level will perform general and routine work as may be assigned by a supervisor in the area of deployment. He/she will work under supervision of a more Senior Officer. Specific duties and responsibilities will entail the following:

  1. Undertaking cleaning duties in the area of deployment;
  2. Performing messengerial duties;
  3. Providing hospitality services including making tea;
  4. Providing courier services; and
  5. Data Entry

 Skills and Competence

  1. Basic Oral/Written communication skills;
  2. Basic problem solving skills; and
  3. Basic ICT application
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V/NO. 49/2022